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Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson, Suzy Jackson In a sentence or so: A boy and a girl who are pretty much strangers go on a road trip across the country and much non cheesy soul searching and self discovery transpires. Amy and Roger are both heading across the country to places they really don’t want to go. Amy has to leave California for Connecticut to join her mom in their new life after her dad died. It’s a new place and it’s weird and she just doesn’t want to go. But really she doesn’t want to do much of anything these days besides go through the motions. Roger is leaving California to go stay with his dad and dad’s new family in Philadelphia. Roger needed a ride, and Amy isn’t driving since the accident, so their moms hatched this scheme to get them across the country together.What could have been a supremely awkward few days turns into side trips that reveal much about who Amy and Roger really are. Amy has yet to deal with the grief of losing her father and the state her family is in since the accident. Roger has some unfinished business with a college girlfriend who dumped him without an explanation. You guys KNOW I’m all about the self discovery and this book is LOADED with it. Like, packed to the ceiling with feelings and internal musings and moving forward emotionally. I love that we can experience the change in a character in a stand alone novel. I love that self discovery resonates with each and every one of us as a reader in a different way. Between the road trip atmosphere of playlists and gas stations and road snacks and the slow building relationship between Roger and Amy and all of the emotional release for both of them coming to terms with their futures, this book really stands apart as an extraordinary contemporary read. Fave quote: Alas, listening to the book on audio did not lend itself to quotability for my review. But of course there were many good one liners. I wish I could relay some to you! If you have some to share - please do!