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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - Lish McBride in a sentence or so: Sam discovers he's a necromancer after his friend's head shows up in a box on his doorstep. he'll either become an apprentice to the scariest necromancer around, or die at his hands.Sam's scratching by a meager existence working at a fast food joint with good friends. Ramon is snarky and loyal, Brooke is cheery and supportive, and Frank is awkward and enthusiastic. the four of them are having a typical night at Plumpy's when a broken taillight leads to a frightening confrontation, getting the crap beat out of him, and the death of Brooke. to say that things take a turn for the worst is a bit of an understatement.to top it all off, it turns out that Sam is a necromancer. in case you're not aware of what a necromancer is/does exactly, here you are: conjuration of the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events [thanks, merriam-webster!]Sam's on a journey to discover who he really is while trying to save Bridget and dodge the super powerful necromancer, Douglas. will he be able to save himself and his friends? and if so, at what cost?this book definitely had the feel of the beginning of a series for me (fingers crossed!) so the pacing was a bit slower than i was expecting. that being said, Sam was hilarious, sensitive, insightful and generally awesome. his friends were unique and each added an element to the plot that enriched the read. the story was certainly my style, what with the supernatural beasties and all, but the tone was exactly my style too!for example, here's a list of things i made note of while reading that made me extremely happy:batman shirt!song lyrics as chapter titles!hilarity!snarkyness!sassy cougar neighbor!monty python!he's 19!sexytimes that don't dominate the plot!video games!so yeah, i was kind of a fan of this read. if you're looking for a book that's dark and sarcastic with authentic characters and surprising depth, you'll be a fan of this one too!fave quotes (yeah, i have several. i told you this was just my style, so obvs i have more than one fave quote.):"'You have a week. Use it wisely.' And he left. The psycho just walked off." (103)"That amputated piece of me explained everything, even why I'd failed at college. But that kind of blanket excuse can be dangerous. Crutches usually are." (254)"Kind of like finger painting in kindergarten, only gross." (276)"We'd been playing Mario Party, Frank and I hitting buttons, Brooke ordering us around. She'd made us choose Princess Daisy and Princess Peach for the computer players so she could yell derogatory names at them while we played. I felt better than I had in a long time." (341)fix er up: some of the elements felt like background set up for future books. like the crow on the cover that makes an appearance several times but isn't really explained, for example. so hopefully there's more down the line, otherwise it was wasted details.