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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After - Steve Hockensmith in a sentence or so: Elizabeth, Mr. Bennet and the unmarried Bennet sisters are off to London to get a cure for the recently zombie-bitten Fitzwilliam Darcy.Elizabeth and Darcy are four years into their marriage, and quite frankly, things could be better. Elizabeth Bennet is anxious for the days of slicing of zed-heads with her katana, but as a married woman that is simply not done. Darcy, without any clue as to what could possibly be ailing his dearest, tries to broach the subject and is attacked by a freshly turned adolescent unmentionable. they both know the right thing to do is to lop of Darcy's head, but neither can bear to finish the deed. soon, Lady Catherine promises a cure in London - but at quite a price.Elizabeth, Kitty, Mary, and Mr. B are to head to London to woo the Doctor and Son who have the cure. of course, the great Lady Catherine doesn't trust the Bennets on their own, so she orders an escort of ninjas to act as their guide...and protectors. with the unmentionables spreading throughout London, the re-coronation of the King, and zero access to the hospital where the cure is housed, getting the cure is a more difficult task than any of them had imagined. will they get the cure in time to save Mr. Darcy? and if they do, will he still want Elizabeth back once he finds out how she had obtained the cure?the blend of romance, mystery, and sweet ninja action is back again in this fun conclusion to the P&P&Z series. the novel alternates between several narrators - chiefly Mary, Kitty, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy has his own adventures back at the de Bourgh estate with cousin Anne, crazy aunt Catherine, and a suspicious dojo while the ladies are off in London trying to save him from undeath.i appreciated the chance to hear Mary and Kitty's voices and have their own stories unfolding. their own awkward discoveries of first love in the midst of secret missions and killing zombies were super fun to read. a solid conclusion to the series, and one that i shall surely read again when i'm in the mood for a classic with a zombie-infested twist.fave quote: "...and it was heaven...even if she was standing in the spilled innards of a disemboweled dreadful." (pg 217)fix er up: i was disappointed that Georgiana, who was mentioned in the beginning and seemingly had some mysterious plot action was totally abandoned until the end. not that there wasn't enough going on without her, of course...just felt weird.