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A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin this is the second book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, so there are spoilers for the first book - A Game of Thrones. peep that review here. in a sentence or so: the seven kingdoms are in a state of anarchy as several men vie for the throne. crazy shit happens.so much happens in these books that it's near impossible to write a coherent review that has any semblance of brevity. BUT i shall try!at King's Landing, Joffrey Lannister (aka TOTAL PSYCHO) is defending the castle and throne from all sorts of peeps who are claiming him a product of incest. which he is. but that doesn't stop the Lannisters and all their cash money from trying to hold on to that throne with everything they have.the surviving Baratheon brothers - Stannis and Renly - are fighting each other over who is the proper heir to their late brother Robert. while one aligns himself with a wealthy family full of soldiers, the other aligns himself with a shady woman who just might be the creepiest thing i've read about in all of Westeros.Daenerys continues onward with her dragons and tries to figure out how claim the iron throne as her own, as she is the last Targaryen and they were the ruling family before the Usurper King Robert took it away.things i can't even talk about (for fear of spoilers) are going down at Winterfell. House Stark just cannot catch a break! Bran continues to have crazy wolf dreams and Arya continues to hide her identity to keep safe.and, my all time hero of Westeros, Jon Snow continues to do amazing and heroic and utterly charming things while protecting the entire seven kingdoms from whatever the hell is going down in the north.as with the first book, this read alternates narrators and provides different perspectives and different events during the same course of time. this provides such a rich, thoughtful, and well developed plot that you can't help but lose yourself in it.true to the title of this installment, this read is all about the different kings vying for the throne and all of the crazy means they use to get there. we keep sight of non kingly folk as well, such as Arya and Catelyn and Sansa, but the driving force behind the plot is who will be king over the seven kingdoms? and will it even matter once whatever the wall is guarding the south from marches down on them?fave quote: "The longer he lived, the more Tyrion realized that nothing was simple and little was true." (3944 | 14177 Kindle)fix er up: this one didn't have quite as riveting of an end as the first book, so that was kind of a let down.