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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins In a sentence or so: Anna attends boarding school in France for a year because her douchebag dad thinks it will help culture her and stuff. She makes new friends, learns more about herself, and has complicated feelings for a hot british dude.Here’s the deal. I know everyone and their mom has read this book already, so I will save you the synopsis. If you’re one of the 8 people left on the planet who haven’t read this yet, you can certainly check out the summary at Goodreads.Since we are reading about Anna’s time in Paris as it happened, I felt like her friends were my friends. And while School of America in Paris probably didn’t have a yearbook because yearbooks are lame, let’s pretend they did. This is what I’d write in each of their yearbooks.Mer – I will forever and always love you because you reached out to Anna on her first night. You set the tone for her whole year in Paris by being sweet and thoughtful and patient with her. While things didn’t work out for you and St. Clair, I have NO DOUBT that some seriously rockstar boy is in your future because you deserve THE BEST.Rashmi – For reasons I don’t fully understand, I liked you a whole helluva lot. Something about your understated snarkiness and low-key compassion for all of your friends is just fantastic. I respect you to the moon and back.Josh – Your subtle humor and ability to help the group feel at ease, even in the most awkward of situations, is such a gift. You were the perfect bro for St. Clair. I have no doubt y’all talked about Anna and Ellie all the dang time. I also secretly loved that you frequently cut class and drew all the time.Anna – How I love your love for all things movies. I would totally watch It Happened One Night with you on repeat for a decade because I love it – and you - that much. I felt your pain with the whole being in a New Place situation, but you handled it magnificently. Do me a favor and don’t sell yourself short – you are hilarious, insightful, and a great friend.St. Clair – You had me at your rants about Rasputin. As a history nerd who is particularly charged about the whole Tsar Nicolas II situation, this made my heart beat OUT OF MY RIBCAGE like a cartoon. Your love for Anna manifesting as a friendship first was the absolute BEST. Thanks for being the guy she needed you to be. I’m sorry about your mom, bro. Also, sorry your dad is a dickbag.There are so many fun elements to this story. Like being in Paris, being at boarding school, the hot British guy that is a GREAT FRIEND and then some, realizing past mistakes and moving on, accepting your friends for who they are, and punching that girl in the face who TOTALLY DESERVED IT ALL THIS TIME.You will find someone or something to relate to in Anna and the French Kiss. You’ll also totally highlight the hell out of this book because Stephanie Perkins has some incredible dialogue and one-liners.Yeah, Anna and the French Kiss lives up to the hype.Fave quote: "I wish the thing that is best for me." (87)Fix er up: Some things were painfully obvious to me, but that did not hurt on the enjoyment AT ALL. I kind of liked knowing what was coming so I could be fully in the moment with Anna and St. Clair and all the rest!