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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa This is the third book in the Iron Fey series. You can read my review for them here and here. Spoilers for the first two books will abound. You've been warned.In a sentence or so: Meghan must prove she is the ultimate bridge between faery and mortal, Summer and Iron, the old and the new. She's up for the task...but at what cost?Meghan Chase is all stoked to go back home with her sexy faery prince boyfriend and live a normal life again. And then she remembers that SHE CAN'T BE NORMAL ANYMORE. Well, she doesn't remember so much as it is thrown all up in her pretty little face. As soon as she heads home she's ambushed by the Iron King. She knows she'll never be free of them unless she ends it once and for all.Obviously, ending this war between the Fae is not going to be easy. In fact, it may even be lethal. Meghan would rather risk her life than to risk the lives of those she loves. She'll have the help of Puck and Ash (obvs!) but really this is about her. This is about Meghan owning who she is and what her role in all of this is supposed to be. When it comes down to it, will she have the strength to fight for what she believes in? And more importantly, will she have the strength to let go?You guys, I just love Meghan Chase. She is smart, courageous, caring, thoughtful, badass and empowering. Yeah, she gets scared - but she deals with it. She reminds those around her of how important they are, how important the world is, and that everyone has a responsibility to save humanity.By this point, the love triangle is dead (PHEW) and we focus mostly on Meghan and her badassery and the war between the Iron and the Summer/Winter courts. I love me some battle scenes, and this did not disappoint. We continue to learn more about the faery lore - which is fantastic - while spending time with some truly loved characters. It just doesn't get much better than that.I read this book in a day. Yes. One day. Two sittings...but one day. The story is compelling and you know the characters so you are thrilled to be spending time with them. I felt totally absorbed in the story and didn't want to leave it when it was done. Is there higher praise then wanting to stay within the pages of the book forever? Methinks not.Fave Quote: "She nodded slowly. 'Like it or not, dove, you've become a major player in this war. You're balanced on the edge of everything - faery and mortal, Summer and Iron, the old ways and the march of progress. Which way will you fall? Which side will you choose?" (62)Fix er up: Bahahahahahahaha! NOPE.