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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa In a sentence or so: Meghan Chase isn't done kicking ass and taking names when it comes to the Iron Fey, the Unseelie Court, and life in general. The world needs her help and she is ready and willing to do what it takes to protect all of the Fey and the mortals she loves.When we left off in The Iron King, Meghan was en route to the Winter court with Prince Ash. To no one's surprise, she was greeted with a chilly reception. Until Queen Mab can decide what to do with her, Meghan remains a 'guest' of the winter court. Which wouldn't be so bad really if Prince Ash would so much as look at her. I mean really - she SAVED his ass, at least give her the time of day. No? Okay then.Of course, shit hits the fan and only a select few know the truth about what's going down. Queen Mab thinks that the Summer Court is behind the latest drama and decides to start a war. She won't hear anything from Meghan or Prince Ash to convince her otherwise. After a few more twists and turns and shocking revelations, Meghan is on the run to save the Fey from destroying themselves and protect the Nevernever from the Iron Fey - AGAIN. Seriously, what is with those clowns trying to take over all of the things?!It is no secret that I adored The Iron King. I was pleasantly surprised, despite the cliches of a love triangle and a girl who is powerful and hot and doesn't know it. I owe that love to Julie Kagawa's writing and fantastic character development and dedication to Fey lore. She did not disappoint in this installment either!In The Iron Daughter, we continue to see Meghan grow and recognize her power. We see hints and whispers of what she is to become, and I cannot WAIT to see her fully develop into the badass she is meant to be. We meet new characters that are full of awesome and get to hang out with some of our old faves (LOVE YOU GRIM).Ultimately, The Iron Daughter balanced character development and plot advancement perfectly. The read was absolutely addicting and fulfilling. I get why people are head over heels for this series! I count myself among them.The action, the swoon, the surprising plot twists, the goodness and badassery of Meghan Chase, and the unique voices of the secondary characters kept me hooked. I've already started reading The Iron Queen. Yeah, for serious.Fave quote: "You called Them, caith sith?""They owed me a favor," Grimalkin purred, as Puck glanced nervously at the sky. "We do not have the time to locate a trod, and this is the fastest way to travel from here. Deal with it." (311)Fix er up: Did you read this fangirlishness? Do you think I have anything I'd like to fix up? NOPE. Unless you count more Grimalkin as a fix er up. But really, I could read volumes about that cat and love every second of it.