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Glimmer - Phoebe Kitanidis In a sentence or so: A plucky girl and a mysterious boy wake up naked together with no memory of how they got there are who they are. But the thing is, that's not too unusual for Summer Falls.Elyse wakes up first. She's in bed with a boy who is crazy sexy...but has no idea who he is. Come to think of it, she's not sure who she is either. Then the boy stirs.Marshall wakes up to find a ridiculously gorgeous girl laying in his bed. He'd be more excited about this fact if he knew who the hell she was or who's room they were in. It appears to be a boys room from the decor and overall smell of the place...but he doesn't recognize anything. It can't be his room, right?Elyse and Marshall try and go about their daily lives, whatever the heck those are, which only yields distressing results. For example, no one seemed to miss either of them last night. Elyse's mother can't seem to remember if Marshall is staying at the family hotel or not. Marshall tries to talk to a couple at the hotel about their stay, and things get a little tense. Rather than share any information that might be helpful, the couple passes out. Right there, on the kitchen floor. Out cold. They wake up a few moments later from what Summer Falls refers to as heatnaps.Yeah, heatnaps. Sure thing, boss.Obviously, some weird and spooky stuff is going down in Summer Falls and Marshall and Elyse must rely on each other to figure it out. No one else seems to have any idea that anything's off. No one else seems to notice when people go missing - permanently. No one else seems to have any memories of anything bad at all, actually. Together, Marshall and Elyse pool their resources to piece together the mystery. And you guys, this is a DOOZY. Summer Falls is like the YA equivalent of Twin Peaks and it was THE BEST. I loved the twists and turns and WTF moments. On top of the crazy plot, the characters are pretty rad themselves. Elyse and Marshall had unique voices with developed personalities and thought for themselves. They live in a world where adults don't always do the right thing, or don't do anything at all, which was refreshing and frustrating because that's how things really are.For a read that combines spooky elements, a twisted mystery, two main characters you can totally get behind, with a touch of darkness and intensity, give this one a whirl. The best part about this book (other than it being awesome from cover to cover, obvs) is that it is a stand alone! HUZZAH!Fave quote: "I love being shoehorned into the role of headstrong, surly teen when all I freaking did was get dressed and walk downstairs." (Elyse 121)Fix er up: There were some loose ends that weren't tied up and some questions that remained unanswered. Since the copy I read was an arc, it's highly possible that will change. The ending is conclusive, don't get me wrong...but the more I thought about different elements, the more I wondered what that was about after all.Also, Elyse has honey colored hair and crazy green eyes. Where are they, cover? Hm?