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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin in a sentence or so: Mara wakes up in a hospital after an accident that leaves her friends dead, but her virtually unharmed. after moving to a new place to try and get over her PTSD, crazy, inexplicable, and creepy things happen.Mara can't explain what happened the night her friends died. she can't remember where she was, what she was doing there, or how she managed to survive when no one else did. she wants to remember, but something is holding her back. attempting to move on and heal, Mara and her two awesome brothers and her doting parents move from NY to Miami, hoping that will help Mara. it doesn't. but moving to Miami does present an incredibly sexy british boy named Noah who seems to know something deeper lies with Mara. but is she able to get past his playboy reputation? does she even want to, knowing she's having strange visions and just might be clinically insane? and most importantly...will she ever find out what the hell happened the night her friends died?this book has been getting a ton of buzz, though i'm not sure it's for the same reasons that i fell in love with this refreshingly different read. we start off with Mara waking up in the hospital and having no memory of how she got there, moving to a new place, meeting new people, and weird stuff happening. vague, i know, but i'm saving you from spoilers.then, as you may have heard, the book takes A Different Turn. some people were really put off by the turn. i was not. i LOVED IT. i was super excited with the twist and thought that The Swamp Scene provided a darkness and a different element than i was expecting. what started as a good read transitioned to a GREAT read. the foreshadowing up to that point started to come into focus, and the rest of the novel embraced the shift whole-heartedly.also, the author included one of my all time favorite literary elements ever - the unreliable narrator (looking at you, Fight Club). are the things that Mara's experiencing all in her head? are they happening for real? or is it somewhere in between? you don't know! because Mara doesn't know! it's the best!this book is spooky, confusing, romantic, funny, dark, and mysterious. i couldn't put it down, and i can't wait for the next installment of the series.fave quote: "'Aiden Davis, lacrosse all-star and Project Runway aficionado. Pre-Shaw, he and Anna used to date. Until he came out of the metaphorical closet, and now they're BFFs forevah.' Jamie batted his eyelashes. I kind of loved him." (pg 40, Jamie [new friend] and Mara interacting on one of her first days at school.)fix er up: some of the ideas, situations, or places that felt a bit too unbelievable given the context, or just didn't fit into the framework of the story. also, at times Mara had a little Bella Swan/generic heroine thing going for her that i found to be distracting. sure, Mara's snarky and clever, but she's also intelligent and an artist and doesn't have any atypical hobbies, interests, or play any sports. maybe this is more a complaint with the ya genre in general...but with so much thought going into the plot and the tone and the overall narrative, a more fleshed out lead character wouldn't have been a bad thing.