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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi in a sentence or so: Juliette can't touch people without killing them and the world is falling down around her. she doesn't realize she's desperate for purpose until she's recruited to be a weapon and a boy that's all too familiar reaches out to her.Juliette's touch is fatal. her parents didn't know how to deal with her, so they were dismissive. her classmates didn't know how to deal with her, so they were harsh. eventually, Juliette wound up the only place the world could be safe from her - alone in a cell. this is how she's spent the better part of a year until a boy is tossed in there with her. it's been so long since she's spoken to anyone...touched anyone...had any sort of contact with anyone...that she can't believer herself when this boy looks familiar.Juliette's world is tossed upside down, yet AGAIN, when she's recruited by Warner to be a weapon for The Reestablishment. the world needs order, and the fear of Juliette and her ability is a strong enough weapon that it just might get the job done...you know, if she actually wanted to hurt people. but she doesn't. Juliette is caring and good and just wants to be normal...which is something she can never be. so if she can't be normal, what else is there? turns out Juliette will have a couple different options on how she can fix what's wrong with the world.the combination of gorgeous lyrical writing within a dark and desperate situation created a great dichotomy to set the tone of hopelessness and despair. every thought in Juliette's head was beautifully crafted, yet not lofty or out of place. we get a sense as to who Juliette is by the way she thinks and views the world, and herself. and i connected with her instantlywe've got a lot going on here in the plot, but it's never rushed or skimmed over. each element is handled carefully and examined to the fullest before moving on, but still keeps a steady pace that will hook you in like WHOA.Mafi sets a seriously large stage with different sides going at each other, a large helping of complex and awesome characters, and a story line that has enough mystery to keep you hooked while providing enough answers to keep you happy. plus, a generous dollop of sexytimes doesn't hurt either.for a lyrically written dystopian with a fresh take on the romance between the two main characters, plenty of people who are in the morally gray area, a touch of stockholm syndrome (LOVE YOU, WARNER) and a solid first book in a series that's sure to be obsess-worthy, give this a try! this is a book that was described as SO ME...and it SO was!fave quote: "I know the sky falls down every day" (page 2)fix er up: for the LOVE. that cover. GAGGGGGGGGG.