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Firelight - Sophie Jordan In a sentence or so: Jacinda is caught in her dragon form by a group of hunters and has to go on the run with her mom and sister before the tribe can punish her.So Jacinda and her friend are out cruising the sky in their dragon forms and they KNOW it’s not allowed but whatever, its super fun, so they do it anyway. A group of hunters catches sight of them and barely misses capturing them. It is kind of a big deal and the dragon leaders are all “We need to do something about her” which translates creepily into “Let’s clip her wings and marry her off to the son of the tribe leader”.Fortunately, Jacinda’s mom helps their family escape. Unfortunately, they go to super duper dry Arizona where Jacinda’s inner dragon can barely survive. Which just might be her mom’s way of killing off her draki side so she can live a normal life. But what if Jacinda doesn’t want a normal life, okay?!There are DRAGONS, I say! There are also cute boys, swoony times, self discovery, mean girls, and sweet family dynamics that are complicated and feel so very real. Most importantly though, DRAGONSSSS.I zoomed through this book in no time, thanks to Sophie Jordan’s solid writing and fresh plot. It was one of those stories where the reader is plopped into the fantasy (which I strongly prefer), rather than a slow reveal of abilities or whatever.Honestly, if you like YA romance and fantasy and quick reads that make you happy while making you think a little bit, read Firelight. It’s super fun! Oh yeah, and there are dragon things happening. In case you missed it.Pairs well with: A misty mountain view. Since Jacinda’s real home is in the mountains where it’s humid and easy peasy for her draki form to come through, that’s where she’s happiest.Fix er up: The insta-love. Give me some dramatic tension!