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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman In a sentence or so: While the uneasy peace between dragons and humans grows increasingly tense, the half-human and half-dragon Seraphina tries to figure out who she is and how she fits into this decades long drama. THERE BE DRAGONS, YO. Seriously, dragons are the best. These dragons can take a human form, which burdens them with Feelings and Emotions and Vulnerability. But when they aren’t in human form, they’re all about their hoards and stuff. Half of them are for the peace, but the other half are all about taking down the weak humans. Seraphina is half and half which is totally unheard of, probably forbidden, and freaks out people on both sides. However, Seraphina is also smart and kind and an incredible musician who’s ridiculously brave. So when she starts to become increasingly involved in the Dragon and Human conflict, you root for her and trust in her and want the world to accept her for who she is. The medieval setting partnered with dragons and court intrigue and political motives made for a YA read unlike any I’ve read before. As a lover of fantasy things, this didn’t bother me in the slightest, just surprised me a bit. If you’re looking for a fantasy that will make you think, present an incredibly fresh perspective on dragon lore and a kick-ass heroine, as well as a good doses of mystery, self discovery, and swoon, you will love Seraphina by Rachel Hartman! Fave quote: “For the merest moment I couldn’t breathe. Something inside me quivered, some oud string plucked by his words, and if I breathed it would stop.” (174) Fix er up: It takes awhile for things to really get started, what with the world building and all. So you have to be in the mood for this sort of book. And if you are, you are in for the best of reads! Pairs well with: Orchestral yet totally badass music. If you're feeling especially fancy pants, go all medieval with it. Then it will be like you're channeling Seraphina herself! Also, sweatpants. Not just because sweatpants are the best but because there is a particularly swoony scene practically in blizzard conditions.