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Griffin Rising (Book One: Earth) - Darby Karchut in a sentence or so: Griffin is a Tarrae Angeli; a guardian angel, if you will. until he passes the biggest test of his life when he turns 16, he is under the wing of his mentor Basil. saving humans, meeting girls, and constant training keep Griffin busy, but his former mentor isn't quite done with his cruel and unusual treatment of the young angel.Griffin thought he was useless. a poor excuse for an angel. barely able to control his powers, surely unable to protect humans from harm, Griffin believed every harsh and hurtful word his mentor Nicopolis spat at him.then he met Basil. slowly he comes to trust a new mentor and begins to feel sparks of hope. of purpose. of confidence. maybe he'll get this angel thing down after all, as long as Basil is there to help him. it seems like he's just starting to get the hang of things when a new family moves in across the street. which, wouldn't you know it, happens to have a cute girl that is just Griffin's age and a professor who just happens to be researching the Terrae Angeli.in addition to saving lives, training and strengthening his abilities, laying low from his previous mentor, and navigating the first-love seas, he must also keep a tight lid on who he and Basil truly are...but at what cost?i liked the relationship between Basil and Griffin because it was very familial, yet encouraging and supportive with splashes of humor and wit. i was always rooting for Griffin and was hoping with every page that he'd just believe in himself and be proud of who he is!for a quick, light read with fun characters and a dose of magical creativity and wit, give this one a go!fave quote: "You know, life would be a lot easier if we could just...be ourselves," he said, struggling to his feet and joining his Mentor on the bench.Basil handed the rest of the cold drink to Griffin. "Lad, that's true for the whole world." (50)fix er up: this book lacked an urgency or greater sense of direction. i enjoyed reading it, but i wasn't really sure where we were headed.