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Before I Go To Sleep - S.J.Watson In a sentence or so: Imagine every morning you wake up twenty years older than you were the day before. You live in a house you don't know, with a man you don't know, with a past you can't remember. This is Christine's life.Christine wakes up every day with no memory of the past twenty years of her life. Her husband, Ben, has to tell her every single day who she is and share enough with her that she understands her situation, without totally freaking her out. Ben has to maintain a delicate balance for Christine and bear unthinkable grief every day. So it makes sense that he doesn't tell her every detail from her life...right?Christine begins to see a doctor who encourages her to keep a secret journal. She records flashes of her memory and they begin to build on each other. As she reads her journal every day, she starts to piece things together. Why doesn't Ben tell her about their past, other than they're married? Is he protecting her...or hiding something?YOU GUYS. I read an adult book. I KNOW.But you know what else? I LOVED IT.The book is described as "Memento on meth", and it totally was. The memory loss mystery is very well done and the suspense is crazy taught. The twists and turns are completely unexpected. Christine is not blameless, which makes her a completely authentic narrator, if often unreliable.If you're looking for a mystery with dark twists and turns and an intensity like whoa, give this one a whirl. You won't want to put it down!Fave quote: "It is not fiction. It may reveal tings best left undiscovered. Secrets that ought no to see the light of day. But still my pen moves across the page." (89)Fix er up: Rarely, this fell into a rut with the memory loss and repeating information, but not often enough to deter me from devouring it like a fiend.