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Rapid Dawn - T.K. Steiner In a sentence or so: An unlikely trio of teenagers across history must join forces, despite the hundreds of years between them, to save a kingdom from destruction and psychological warfare.Tess is a princess who is just learning to hone in her ability to receive psychic messages. This isn't an ability unique to Tess, but rather one that many people in that kingdom possess. Most use that power for good. There are others who have sharpened that ability to a razor sharp tool, ready for destruction.Clay and John begin having strange and recurring dreams. They are in the library of a castle and move around like ghosts, but can talk and interact with each other. Their purpose is revealed and they are faced with saving a time and place that is not their own. Despite John being from the 1800s and John being from the 21st century, they must help Tess if they are to stop those whom need to be stopped.I liked the premise of this book a whole heckuva lot. I also really dug on the whole esp thing. It reminded me of A Kid in King Arthur's Court meets Graceling/Fire. Each of the characters had a unique voice and were completely invested in defeating the bad guys.Unfortunately, this book lacked a certain spark for me. All of the pieces were there, but it just didn't click. The writing was good, the characters were solid, and the plot was unique. I'd definitely be interested in reading books by this author in the future as I have hope that the other titles will be fun to read as well, and will hold out for that special something that makes my bookish heart swell.I have read a couple other reviews that lurved the book, so keep that in mind.Melanie's Book AddictionMy Guilty ObsessionFave Quote: "Something special was going on, and he couldn't wait to find out what it was." (Clay 385 of 2770 on Kindle)Fix er up: I just needed that spark for all of the pieces to fit together and win me over.